Island Hopping the Wonderful Western Isles

The Western Isles have long been a place I have been drawn to visit. From Eriskay’s wild ponies to Barra’s rare tidal beach airport, to the truly breath-taking beaches of Harris.  It is a magical cluster of islands that we just needed to explore further. Our island-hopping route through the Western Isles was as follows. Continue reading “Island Hopping the Wonderful Western Isles”

21 Highland Beaches you must visit in 2023

We can all be forgiven for daydreaming about relaxing abroad on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Sometimes the urge to escape is so overwhelming that we neglect what is right here on our doorstep. Scotland, and in particular the Highlands of Scotland is homeContinue reading “21 Highland Beaches you must visit in 2023”

Loch Lomond Wallabies, Castles and Islands

I have been to Loch Lomond’s bonny banks many times, and never imagined the islands would be home to a marsupial more commonly found on the other side of the globe.  The wallabies, it turns out, are just one of many treasures to be found on the islands of Loch Lomond. As our day of Island hopping soon found out!