Allt Daraich Hidden Waterfall and Pool (Skye)

Secret waterfall and pool skye

Looking for a quieter alternative to the Fairy Pools in Skye? These waterfalls and pools are every bit as magical as their more famous neighbours, and their lack of notability makes them a more peaceful location. Due to their relative obscurity we were able to spend the full day here without being disturbed. The nearby Fairy Pools will always draw the crowds and because of this Allt Daraich pools are a great alternative for a quiet dip.

Fin swimming in the Allt Dariach pool

Where are the Allt Dariach waterfalls and pool?

The waterfalls and pools can be found on the Allt Daraich – a small stream that eventually joins River Sligachan before it enters Loch Slighachan. They sit on the opposite side of the Cuillan mountains to the fairy pools, so offer just as beautiful a backdrop, with water just as green.

Our search for the Allt Daraich falls and pools

We parked near the Sligachan hotel and crossed Slighachan old bridge. This is a wonderful and famous photo opportunity. Slighachan Old Bridge was built between 1810 and 1818 by Thomas Telford and looks onto the mighty Cuillan mountains. It is about as picturesque a spot as you can get.

The Tale of Enchanted Waters

There is an old tale that the waters of Sligachan (under this bridge) are meant to be enchanted waters. The tale goes that you should get on your hands and knees and duck your face in the magical waters. As long as you don’t dry your face the fairies will grant you eternal beauty. I love myths and legends like this one – I think they really makes a place that bit more magical.

It is safe to say I dipped my face in more than once!

The spot where we dipped our faces into the water

As you continue up the path towards the stream you will see the Explorers Statue. The statue was erected to commemorate Professor Norman Collie and local guide John McKenzie who were pioneers in the early exploration of the Cuillin Peaks.

Follow the path by the small stream on your left-hand side for 10-15 minute. I have included a handy map at the bottom of this page to help you find it. The grid reference is NG493/294

A Choice of Pools

There are a couple of pools on this path that you can swim in. We spent most of our time in the bottom of the two pools. The water is clear with a turquoise glow. A large waterfall flows from the rocks above, providing a constant flow of fresh, pure water. The spot is secluded with areas around the pool to sit and relax.

We spent a full afternoon going in and out of the water. You can reach the bottom in most parts of the pool, with the area directly under the waterfall being much deeper. Your experience will change depending on how much rainfall there has been and how strong the flow of the waterfall is, but regardless, it is a beautiful spot to spend a few hours.

The bottom pool

River Sligachan Pools

There are also a couple of pools in River Sligachan that are suitable to swim in. These pools are even closer to the hotel than those in the stream, and just a short walk up river from the famous bridge.

Watch our short video on the Allt Daraich pools & waterfalls

If you do decide to visit, please treat the area with respect it deserves.  Take away any litter you bring. (Even better pick up any extra you find).  We love sharing special places with you all, but we also want to do our bit to make sure they remain magical!

Please let us know if you visit 😊

Map to find hidden waterfall on Allt Daraich
A map to help you find your way

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  1. We did the top pool today, was sooo peaceful…water was a bit on the chilly side, but was great! ☺️
    Thanks for the directions…☺️

  2. Thank you for the directions, spent this afternoon in the top pool and only saw one other (lovely) family. Great find!

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